New Cover Artwork for Musical Artist DYA’s album “Neon Dreams”

Just release a few days ago, by tracker artist DYA a.k.a. Aaron Hickman is his album “Neon Dreams” take a listen below! It has 12 tracks of a wonderful mix of serveral style of music such as funk and electronic, mix in from several sounds from your favorite video game systems such as, nes (famicom), turbo graphix 16 (pc engine), even the commodore 64 SID chip!

Its been an honor to be a part of this project, I wish I composed some music too, but at least I got to do the artwork for it! I listen to the mastered tracks and an image popped in my head and I started sketching in GIMP:

Sketch of CD COVER
Sketch of the CD COVER

I end up over using the chalk brush and quickly drew in some perspective lines to add some buildings, then I started coloring away, I saw a female sitting on a hill in my vision, but I decided to make a robotic female, and a dark light source where the hill is away from the city lights. I add a orange glow to the left side coming from the city then a blue glow coming from the music player with some red neon headphones!


From there I drew the buildings following some vanishing points I add in the middle of the top and bottom, then drew in all the neon lights, added some mountains and stuff. I also adding a moon, but it was taking too much attention and I also removed leaves of the tree as it was taking attention from the other parts of the drawing as well. I had to rush it in like 2 days (with my everyday boring work) but it came out well, the colors may be a tad dark, But I’m very proud of how it came out! Hopefully Ill be able to the art for Dya’s next Album and have some more time to make something even better!

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